Starfish regenerates 2 legs after asexual reproduction!

I have seen the 2 detached legs begin to form 4 small legs and the mother starfish is growing back the two detached legs. Also green clown goby hiding in the corals, when the fish swim into some of the corals they quickly suck in to protect themselves the speed of it surprises people that haven’t observed it before.


Both fish in same photo!

Took me about 15 minutes to get this picture, totally worth it. Reminder that anyone is free to use my photography with Creative Commons license see bottom of page for more info.


Tail Spot Blenny & Green Clown Goby

You can see the Blenny’s forehead antennae in this shot along with my Green Clown Goby under him by the sand.


Green Clown Goby

He likes to perch on corals that match his colors which I enjoy seeing and I think he found a great one to camouflage himself on with this particular coral. The Blenny like to hide in a hole by backing in with only his head poking out.