Toxic green polyp coral

Glows green like this all day looks like blacklight. My Green Clown Goby is hiding in the center.


Pulsing Xenia and Tailspot Blenny

The coral pulses like this to catch food particles, it is very calming to watch.

Coral Waking Up

This is right after the lights turn on so the coral is not fully opened yet enhancing the bonsai look which I love.


5 and 6 Armed Starfish

My first starfish that I’ve seen with 6 arms. I like this photo because it looks like a mommy starfish with her baby.


New starfish seen for first time!

I have just seen this hitchhiker for the first time I haven’t added anything new in over a month so he’s been in there for a bit woo love the feeling.


Progress pic

Much growth happening! I am going to begin fragging some of these in a separate tank.


Baby starfish with mama

Follow up to previous post now you can see the baby starfish and it’s mom.


Starfish regenerates 2 legs after asexual reproduction!

I have seen the 2 detached legs begin to form 4 small legs and the mother starfish is growing back the two detached legs. Also green clown goby hiding in the corals, when the fish swim into some of the corals they quickly suck in to protect themselves the speed of it surprises people that haven’t observed it before.


New coral Purple Dendronephthya

I am excited because the piece came as 3 seperate sproutings on 2 seperate snail shells so I ripped them apart and placed them in 2 different spots for better spread, it is kind of like a 2 for 1.Purple Dendronephthya

Blenny digging out hiding spot and 2 new Duncan heads appeared

My Tail Spot Blenny discovered he could dig himself a hiding spot by eating and spitting sand out, it is very fun to watch this little construction worker.

When I was looking at what he was doing I also noticed my Duncan coral sprouted 2 new heads! This has me very excited, along with also seeing growth in the majority of my corals.

Both fish in same photo!

Took me about 15 minutes to get this picture, totally worth it. Reminder that anyone is free to use my photography with Creative Commons license see bottom of page for more info.


Tail Spot Blenny & Green Clown Goby

You can see the Blenny’s forehead antennae in this shot along with my Green Clown Goby under him by the sand.


Green Clown Goby

He likes to perch on corals that match his colors which I enjoy seeing and I think he found a great one to camouflage himself on with this particular coral. The Blenny like to hide in a hole by backing in with only his head poking out.


Tail Spot Blenny

My Tail Spot Blenny, I love his character and how he moves around deliberately instead of aimlessly swimming, he pokes his head up and down playing peekaboo all day he is very entertaining as well as beautiful.

Nassarius Snail

This is one of my snails, his job is to dig up sand and he owns it.

Welcome to my fish microblog

Welcome to my microblog, it’s called a microblog because its just quick pics and videos and short descriptions instead of long boring articles everyone bookmarks but no one actually reads.