Toxic green polyp coral

Glows green like this all day looks like blacklight. My Green Clown Goby is hiding in the center.


Discus babies update 3

They are getting big 😀 so fun to watch them school together. I have made a couple modification to my setup to better suite the babies in the left of the photo you can see a new sponge filter, I also added live bacteria that will live and work on the sponge.


Discus babies update 2

I can now see what their future stripe pattern will look like along with blue fluorescent coloring in their scales. I am happy to say they are already eating other foods I give them so they are weening off the parents slime coat successfully. I had to remove the dad from the tank he was becoming aggressive.


Discus babies update

They have grown so much that I can see their future stripes and they have full body structure now.


Discus eggs hatched and eating slime coat from parents

The discus babies have detached from the driftwood and are now swimming around their parents like satellites as they eat the slime coat from them as food until they get bigger.

Discus eggs hatching and wiggling

Successful fertilization has taken place, I can see their eyes and tails, soon they will start to swim and eat the slime coating off their parents until they get larger.

Discus mating picture album

Hover your mouse and click on the gear click in the top right corner to see full resolution zoom then you can see each egg!