Progress pic

Much growth happening! I am going to begin fragging some of these in a separate tank.


Baby starfish with mama

Follow up to previous post now you can see the baby starfish and it’s mom.


Starfish regenerates 2 legs after asexual reproduction!

I have seen the 2 detached legs begin to form 4 small legs and the mother starfish is growing back the two detached legs. Also green clown goby hiding in the corals, when the fish swim into some of the corals they quickly suck in to protect themselves the speed of it surprises people that haven’t observed it before.


New coral Purple Dendronephthya

I am excited because the piece came as 3 seperate sproutings on 2 seperate snail shells so I ripped them apart and placed them in 2 different spots for better spread, it is kind of like a 2 for 1.Purple Dendronephthya

Blenny digging out hiding spot and 2 new Duncan heads appeared

My Tail Spot Blenny discovered he could dig himself a hiding spot by eating and spitting sand out, it is very fun to watch this little construction worker.

When I was looking at what he was doing I also noticed my Duncan coral sprouted 2 new heads! This has me very excited, along with also seeing growth in the majority of my corals.